Apparently yuzu is the latest trendy fruit. Commonly associated with Asian food because of its Chinese origin, yuzu has been hailed as a new super food. Featuring in Japanese foods such as the fruity Ponzu sauce, it is now becoming more popular in Western cooking too.

I tasted it for the first time recently at Yo! Sushi and then it popped up a couple of times on the new series of MasterChef. Yuzu’s profile is definitely on the rise. It is a citrus fruit. The latest MasterChef eye candy told us it is akin to a mandarin, however the juice I tasted in my Salmon Yuzu Salsa Sashimi was much sharper than mandarin. But it did have a sweet edge, so I would compare it more to a grapefruit.

Yo!Sushi Yuzu Salmon Sashimi

Yo! Sushi have featured this dish for a while and their latest menu update has even more dishes using yuzu, so clearly it is growing in popularity. I absolutely love sushi but unfortunately, outside of London, sushi bar options are few and far between. (If anyone has any recommendations, I’d love to hear them).


I’ve had a go at making nigiri and maki myself a few times and was surprised by how successful they were. But it is time consuming so for a quick sushi fix I love Yo! Sushi, and I am happy to report the Salmon Sashimi dish was delicious. The yuzu almost cured the fish and the addition of the salsa added some texture too. So if yuzu is a super food (I’ve read it has 3 times more Vitamin C than a lemon), then I am super happy.

If I can source some, I am thinking of making a sorbet. Or perhaps a dessert…yuzu posset?

Written by michelle

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