Wimbledon 2016

Jeez I love Wimbledon. I really like tennis as a sport generally but there is something about Wimbledon that is just so special. To be fair, we never had much chance not to like it. From day dot the Wimbledon fortnight has been sacred in our house. As kids, it was the one time of year when Mum was off duty and would actually sit (well, perch tentatively on edge of her seat) to watch the games. And if you like it on telly, then you will simply LOVE the real deal.

The whole event is bright, colourful and vibrant. Even the tube station is decked out in the Wimbledon colours of green and purple. Southfields is like no other tube station on the map! And from there you join the crowds and the excitement of the walk to the grounds, which are themselves just spectacular. People often think Wimbledon is purely for the rich and elite but believe you me, us tennis purists pepper the crowds that bring those games to life. And the feeling when you walk out onto one of the main courts is just exhilarating. The court can look quite small on the TV but in real life I always think it seems so big. You feel like you are right next to the players. There really are no bad seats on Centre or Court One.

So for those of you who don’t know, I’ll let you in on a secret. Anyone can apply for tickets. Yes ANYONE. It is a public ballot, so it really is luck of the draw. In previous years our family have been really lucky with several of us being allocated tickets. However the last couple of years, we have not been so lucky. I blame my mother wholly for this, as she had the best drawer tickets of all time…the mens final of 2013. Yes, the one that Murray won! She even featured on the ten o’clock news as part of the crazed spectators screaming support. It felt like all our family luck was sucked up with that draw. We had nothing since. And then we got a set of Court One tickets allocated this year. A drop of action in our live tennis drought! The big match was between Jo-Wilfred Tsonga and Richard Gasquet. Our excitement was short lived as Gasquet retired from the game early in the first set, due to injury. However we had reservations at The Wingfield restaurant in the grounds and that certainly brightened our day. The food was absolutely lovely with lots of English fare available. Afternoon tea continued with theme with plenty of traditional delights such as scones, sandwiches and strawberries with cream. Although The Wingfield was an indulgent extra, a day at Wimbledon is a treat in itself. It would be just as wonderful with a picnic and a flask.

Written by michelle

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