Time for Tea

There has been a massive surge in tea rooms and quite frankly, I’m loving it! In theory it’s not complicated to make tea and prepare sandwiches, so what I’m looking for is the extra mile. And what I really appreciate is focus. Focus on quality, focus on customer service and focus on great produce. And that is exactly what sets Time for Tea apart from some of its competitors.

Situated in Twydall, a suburb of Gillingham, I think it’s fair to say that the parade of shops really needed an injection of vibrance. The area is a far cry from what I remember it being as a child, which was a thriving community with many independent retailers. Over time, most – if not all – the original shops have closed and it now feels overrun with charity shops and takeaways. So Time for Tea is a like breathe of fresh air into the community. A community that is heavily populated by the elderly, who will no doubt love it.

What I really like about Time for Tea is that they are not trying to be all things to all people. Instead they’ve gone back to basics and got the main component right…the tea! High quality, loose leaf (yes loose leaf) tea. And not just English Breakfast but fruit and herbal choices too. It’s a continued gripe of mine that with all the huge coffee shops and barista stands that are ten a penny nowadays, none of them can do a decent cup of tea. A cup of hot water with a tea bag plopped on top, does NOT constitute a good cuppa! But Time for Tea have got it nailed. The tea is served in lovely coloured pots to match the shabby chic decor. And although the interior is not fancy, it’s bright and charming, which is actually perfect for the area.

The highlight for me was the scones, which were served warm and just crumbly enough to warrant an extra dollop of gorgeously oozy clotted cream, to hold them together! They stock and use local preserves, which also notched them up another level. Add into the equation some really well prepared sandwiches in a great variety of fillings and an impressive array of cakes, and they are winning. If you live locally, pop down and check them out.

Written by michelle

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