The Hungry Guest, West Malling

I have to be honest and say that I have a vested interest in the success of this venture, as I know someone who is part of it. Having said that, I pledged that I wouldn’t review places I don’t like so you can see where this is going….

We popped into The Hungry Guest for a mid afternoon coffee and I was actually amazed at just how rammed the place was. We could barely get in the door. First let me say that the place looks great. It has a fabulous lay out with a mixture of booths and tables, as well as an open view of the kitchen, which I always enjoy. Secondly the food on display looked delicious. Various pastries, pasties and cakes adorned the counter and lured me toward them. I have to admit after that I didn’t look around much more!

The waitress who greeted us looked harassed but very happy, as you would probably expect in any new start up. When no table was available we offered to sit out front, enjoy the balmy afternoon sunshine and watch the world go by. I have to say she looked relieved, especially as by now there were another two sets of customers behind us.

We ordered a selection of coffees including a latte, an americano and a flat white, all of which were really good. The lure of the pastry counter was just too much, so we chose a homemade sausage roll and a coconut macaroon. Both were delicious but I have to say the stand out favourite for me, was the macaroon. Sweet, sticky, crumbly and delicious. We actually considered ordering the whole round again but decided we would be good.


West Malling is the second location of The Hungry Guest Cafe, the first being in Petworth, West Sussex. They won the Farm Shop & Deli Awards 2015 and West Malling seems to be following in their footsteps by offering an impressive array of products, including homemade artisan breads. I know it is new and therefore has the attention of the locals, but all indications are that the West Malling branch of The Hungry Guest is going to be really successful. There was quite a buzz in high street and it was really nice to hear people talk so enthusiastically about a new venture. Not that I was ear-wigging but one man greeted his wife outside and said, “Wait until you see this place, it’s amazing!”.

I’m looking forward to my next visit. If I can tear myself away from the pastry counter, the croque monsieur and pizza will be next on my hit list!

Wait until you see this place, it's amazing!
Written by michelle

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