Oysters at The Catch

Anyone who loves fish knows nothing beats it fresh. As soon as I arrive in a port and see fishing boats, my anticipation for a great meal hits a high. Unfortunately our little visit to the little port of St Peter in Guernsey was wet. Fortunately the food was not.

St Peter Port was the first stop on our first cruise experience and when we arrived it was pouring with rain. But in a true testament to it’s residents, we were greeted with the warmest welcome. And in typical English fashion, we simply cracked on – despite the weather – and headed for the pier. Luckily I have a 6 year old boy who is obsessed with trains and, luckily, the first thing we encountered was a very cute little train. Petit Train is a little tourist train that moves about the same pace as life on Guernsey… slow and relaxed! So we ducked for cover and jumped on board. True to our holiday colours, my mind already racing with the promise of fresh seafood, the first thing my (perfectly matched) husband clocked was a restaurant advert. We’d already read that the port was renowned for it’s fresh oysters and scallops so this little ad caught our attention with it’s promise of all that and more.

Now, to be fair, there are a myriad of restaurant choices in the port. Many of which looked delightful. But actually, for once, I’m really glad we followed our instincts because The Catch really was a catch! We passed it on our little train tour and decided there and then, that was our lunch venue.

The interior of this first floor restaurant is clean and fresh. Exactly what you’d hope and expect from a port fish restaurant. Plenty of natural wood and sea blues. Plus by time we went in, the sun was shining and the lovely wide open window allowed in plenty of natural light which made it bright, airy and gave a fab view of the port.

The first thing on the menu to catch my eye, was the fresh oysters. £1.50 a piece. Say whaaaat? Yep, and in true appetiser fashion, a couple of those were ordered immediately. People say they taste fishy. Well yes, thats because they come from the sea. But if they are fresh – which these were possibly the freshest I’ve ever tasted – they shouldn’t taste overly fishy. My favourite way to eat them is with shallots, red wine vinegar and a dash of tabasco. SO good.

Up next, a starter portion of moules mariniere and sautéed scallops and prawns in a honey spring onion glaze. Honey glaze on already sweet scallops? Well, yeah and actually, it really worked. Much more than you’d expect. And as promised, the scallops were to die for.

Mains we also agreed to share and Paul magnanimously let me choose for both of us. Easy peasy, it had to be half lobster and salad, along with the red mullet with a sauce vierge, served with crushed potatoes. I was a bit trepidatious about the lobster. Having had some amazing lobster just last month, I thought I’d been spoilt and nothing would compare. How wrong could I be. Perfectly grilled and served doused in garlic butter, it was just the perfect port lunch.

I can’t speak to the whole menu but what I know is that everything we ordered was fresh and cooked to order. Again, representative of Guernsey, nothing is rushed. The pace was slow but service was good and being VAT free, the whole meal was an absolute bargain. Particularly given the quality.


Written by michelle

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