Yorkshire Heather

As an adult, my choice of holiday destination has been mostly sunny mediterranean seas or exciting city breaks. I think I am fairly well travelled but oddly enough I never include any of my UK holidays in my catalogue of trips. Yet some of them hold the key to some of my favourite childhood memories.

I’ve spent some time in Ireland but have never been to Scotland and have only passed through Wales. Realistically I have probably seen more of England than I think I have, but there is so much more to do. So this year we are remedying that and doing a UK holiday. If you could see my face every time I say this out loud, it tells a thousand stories. Luckily you can’t and I can tell you with gusto that I can’t wait to explore Staffordshire, Norfolk and Suffolk! Truth is, as the trip approaches, I am actually really looking forward to it. I know that what could potentially be a lovely holiday, could be made amazing by some beautiful British summer weather. But with no guarantees in place, my planning continues and I include some macs and brollies on the packing list… just in case!

The first leg of our little road trip will take us to Staffordshire for a visit to Cadburys World. Well…that can’t be too bad can it? Some sugar fuelling might be just what is needed to get me through the full 10 days! We will then head to Thomas Land at Drayton Manor. I used to be quite a daredevil and love fairground rides but now I literally have to be strong armed on. I can almost allow myself to enjoy the speed rides, but anything that induces a stomach flip is a serious no-go zone for me. Still, at 4 years old I don’t think my son will be too devastated by mummy’s wimpy rider status. Next we will head to Suffolk to visit some recently relocated family for three nights, before moving on to Great Yarmouth for a four night caravan break. I’m exhausted just typing it, I thought this was going to be a holiday?!

It is odd though, how many of us discard our childhood holiday destinations into the long lost memory pile. A bit like the other fun stuff we did like playing out in the street after dark and riding our bikes in alleyways. It was a different time but I feel a little sad that we don’t enjoy what’s on our doorstep more. Because when I do think about those holidays, I remember how much I loved them. All of us bundled in our little camper van, packed to the rafters with pillows and bedding, excited at pitching up somewhere new and sleeping in the little cotbeds. Yorkshire was one of our regular childhood holiday spots. I remember one trip we stayed in a holiday letting and I was really taken with a little tea-for-one pot. Mum and I sat at the counter each morning of the holiday having a cup of tea and a digestive (still one of my favourite things to do!). I also remember the Yorkshire heather. Driving through the beautiful fields of mauve before picking a spot and unpacking a little picnic. It is memories like this that make me want to make some more. It is adventures like this I want to have more of, so that my son builds his own catalogue of happy memories to pick from. Hmmm…I actually can’t wait now.

Written by michelle

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