What a couple of weeks. Extreme highs, horribly painful lows and a whole load of junk in between! Perhaps noticeably absent from my beloved blog, the reasons are plentiful and not all positive, which I always aim to be. Let’s just say that from a negative angle, I will never underestimate dental pain EVER again. An abscess, an extraction and a dry socket (sounds funny but really isn’t) later, I can truly empathise with dental pain sufferers who want to throw themselves under a bus. However I am now over it and I can drink again! Ok so that’s not the only positive, but two whole weeks alcohol free is quite an accomplishment for me, particularly as it was my birthday. Which brings me to my first extreme high.

Not to gush but boy-oh-boy, I have amazing friends and family. My actual birthday passed in a drug induced haze but never the less, I am truly blessed. This was the first birthday I can honestly say I wanted nothing more than some quality time with those I love the most. And it met every expectation I had. My crazy big family (I am one of four), great food and some virgin cocktails were a recipe for success. The mint chocolate cake was made by my sister and lovingly dubbed “toothpaste cake” by the children! And my amazing gifts included a longed for tea pot and a brilliant picnic set, pre-filled with some lovely bubbles for the adults. It is definitely time to stop counting candles and start counting blessings. I must give a special shout out to my incredible man, who offered support (and pain killers) at my lowest and fun (and incredible treats) at my happiest.

But if I’m totally honest my little boy has been at the heart of my highs this week. He is starting school in September. I don’t care what kind of Mum you are, or what character child you have, that sentence will evoke some kind of emotion. For me, I had a mixture of anticipation of the change and concern that he would fit in, mixed with genuine terror that my baby might become a total horror due to outside influences. My Mum always says “they are not your own once they start school”. I like to think she doesn’t mean it in a totally negative way just that their outside influences become so wide and varied. And along with all this they are growing so rapidly. I can barely lift my son. I think most mums will at least take a moment to wonder “how has 4 years passed already?” Plus – for me at least – there was the sheer terror of the playground Mums. Not a force to be underestimated (from what I know), it’s not only our children that are nervous about meeting new people. I will say hello and have a chat with anyone but I genuinely don’t want to be drawn into any playground politics. However I am incredibly pleased to report that – so far – I have no concerns about that. And I was genuinely overwhelmed by how well the settling in sessions went. As a November baby, my boy is probably one of the oldest and he is more than ready for school. In fact he told me as much. “Mummy I really wanted to go to school today” he said the day after settling in. I bet I won’t be hearing too much of that in ten years’ time! As for the playground, all the mums were lovely. Honestly, some of the nicest people I’ve met. Granted I knew a few from his nursery, but others were completely new. Everyone I met was friendly and open in sharing experiences or views. Which inadvertently made me wonder how I’ve become so jaded about the human race. Anyway, he is prep’d and ready. Eager and willing. Ready and raring for September. And between you and me, so am I. He is an amazing boy and I am proud to have done the very best I can to have prepared him for life, up until this point.  Outside influences aside, I am the type of Mum who thinks I am never doing enough. But seeing him sat with his little class of friends, listening diligently to the (absolutely perfect) teacher and then heading directly for the play area with the other boys, made me think, you know what? I’m really proud of him. And he is who he is because of us. So yay us! And yay to all mums who are doing their best for their children. No child could ask for anymore.

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