This is a shout out to all of those who have not read their own oven instructions… it now! I had my oven for a full four years before I realised it had a rotisserie function on it. Yes you heard right, a whole FOUR years. Shame on me. And it’s so bloody easy I feel a fool for even needing instructions.

In all fairness, I inherited my (SMEG) oven when I bought the house – lucky me – and there’s still so much I think I don’t use it properly for *Note to self – You Tube research required*. Which is what prompted me to prompt you. Because my local supermarket was making a hideous markup selling a small rotisserie chicken for £5.50. I bought a small raw chicken from the same supermarket for just £2.75 . Not ideal to buy meat from a supermarket full stop but we all convenience shop at times. And when I do I buy whole joints – particularly chicken – to make the most of it. Bone-boiling-stock most of it. Literally nothing is wasted. And today I used the super-duper-wuper kit I had at home, saved myself nigh on three quid and rotisseried the ass off that chicken. (Quite literally as the whole thing was falling apart by the time it had cooked.) PLUS it’s healthy. I didn’t add a single thing to it. It just cooked in its own delicious juices. Crispy skin, tender meat. Literally finger lickin’ good. So please, seek out that booklet or get online and check that random I-have-no-idea-what-it-does oven setting. Get to it peeps.

Written by michelle

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