Noiys Noodles

Noiy and her fabulous noodles can be found in the up and coming creative quarter of Folkestone, right next to the harbour. Contrasting totally with my other favourite Folkestone eatery, Rocksalt, there is nothing uber chic or fancy about Noiy’s Noodles. It’s a food box serving takeaway Thai. It’s tiny. Blink and you’ll miss it. You can barely fit 3 customers inside. But what comes out….wowee. Thai food that packs a punch in terms of flavour and quality. It’s magic.

Bringing the best of Thai food to a little corner of Folkestone, I walked past it on the way to a meeting and the smell captured me. I wanted in immediately. But already late, I bookmarked it for a visit on the way out. We got to the meeting and they had laid on a perfectly lovely M&S buffet lunch. I’ve never groaned inwardly at a buffet lunch before but my sights were firmly fixed on some Thai tucker. If I’m honest, I ate my share of sandwiches and even though I wasn’t at all hungry after the meeting (see where my problem is!), I still had to go into Noiy’s. I wasn’t joking about  the space inside, it’s small, and it’s not uncommon to see a couple of people waiting to go in. The counter has little dishes full of spicy, fragrant condiments which you can adorn your food with. However, I highly suggest you taste your food first, as it could already pack a hefty punch! That said, if you don’t want your food too spicy, just tell the lovely ladies and they will accommodate you. After all, everything is made fresh. The tag line on their menu is “when it’s gone, it’s gone”. All dishes are subject to the availability of the ingredients and I love that.

The menu includes some more commonly recognisable dishes such as Pad Thai, Chicken Satay and Massaman Curry, but I opted for the Pad Kra Pao; stir fried spicy chicken with Thai fragrant rice, topped with a fried egg. It was SO good. I like spice but I’m far from a chilli fanatic. I like to taste all the flavours not just chilli. Full of fiery spice and fresh, fragrant flavours synonymous with Thailand, I didn’t need any of the condiments in the Pad Kra Pro. But the revelation was the fried egg on top. It added richness to the rice and took the edge off the chilli kick, while bringing it all together by using the runny yolk to almost bind the rice and chicken. Honestly, so SO good. I work in Folkestone more than ever now. And I may not be able to afford Rocksalt every visit, but Noiy’s? You betcha.

Written by michelle

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