When my sister sent me an email inviting me to try Hello Fresh, I was sceptical. The idea of dinners being delivered to your door all sounded a bit meals on wheel for the modern family, to me. But that’s not the case. Not at all. The concept is basic. Fresh food, easy recipes, healthy balance meals and tons of inspiration. All works for me.

My first box arrived packed with great looking, fresh ingredients, enough for three meals: Aubergine Linguine with Chilli & Chorizo; Tagliata with Roasted Garlic and Sweet Potato Chips; Garlicky Courgette Chicken with Roasted New Potatoes.

As the main cook in our house, I often get bored of my own cooking. My husband is a pretty decent cook himself but gets a little nervous about trying new things, so with clear step-by-step instructions, this seemed ideal for him. And ideal for me to be cooked for! So he took the Aubergine Linguine and with only one teensy weensy hiccup (he is now fully aware of the difference between an aubergine and a courgette), served us up a truly scrumptious dinner. Pleasingly, I was also relieved to find it was a decent portion size too. That was another of my concerns about the dinner in a box. But I needn’t have worried. I was more than full.

Next, I made the Tagliata and this was the star of the box for me, in terms of tastiness. It was an excellent cut of beef and all the flavours really complimented each other. In particular the roasted garlic, which really set the whole thing off. My only criticism is that I felt the recipe card wasn’t clear enough on timings. I like my steak medium. My instincts told me it wasn’t cooked enough, but I followed the instructions to the letter….and it was rare. Easily fixed but for less confident cooks, it may throw them off.

So, value for money. Well I had a promotional code and received a discount on my box. I believe if I was paying full price, I may have questioned if it was truly value for money, particularly for those on a budget. But, what it definitely did do was inject a bit of variety to our dinners and a very welcome change to our routine. Plus, we have used the linguine recipe card again since, which reiterates how much we liked it. I don’t think…no, I know we wouldn’t order it on a regular basis, because we don’t have unlimited shopping budget. But I would order again sporadically. Basically because it was really bleeding yummy!

If you fancy giving it a try, you can get £20 off your first order by using code SHYHS4.

Written by michelle

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