Easter Cake

I cannot be the only person who thinks it’s totally implausible that the Easter holidays have been and gone. I mean, seriously, who stole those two weeks? But then again, when I think about how much we crammed in, it’s really no surprise that it went so fast. So what have you been up to? Got any good family finds to share? Here are mine.

Avenue Tennis Holiday Camp

Tennis is a big deal in our family and my mum is firmly of the belief that my son is going to be a pro. I may take a little more convincing but he seems to quite like it, and anything active for our little You Tube obsessive is great. I really didn’t take much persuading to go and check out Avenue Tennis either. A new state of the art tennis facility, with all the mod cons, a beautiful interior and a fab restaurant. Oh okay then…

The summer camp runs for two hours daily and at £10 per child it is a steal. The facilities are great and the trainers, particularly Alex and Jamie, were just fantastic with the kids. There is a viewing gallery for the more nervous children or even parents, but once I knew he was settled, I sloped off … to get a coffee. No chance I could survive a game of tennis! The coffee was lovely though. Can’t wait to try the restaurant now.

Bluewater Adventure Trail

Maybe I’m seriously behind the times but I had no idea the Bluewater Adventure Trail even existed! Granted, we chose a beautifully sunny day (more by luck than by plan) to do it, but I had no idea the surrounding area of Bluewater was so green. It was gorgeous. Starting outside Zizzis (The Village) the paths lead you around several parks and lakes, with little information signs and games along the way for the kiddies. It took up a good couple of hours, they ran off some of the sushi and ice cream they’d consumed, and it was a totally different Bluewater experience. Best of all, it was totally free! Which was quite a blessing considering the bill in Yo Sushi. Next time I’ll pack a picnic, which is refreshingly welcomed.

Kent & East Sussex Railway

My son is a huge steam train fan so this was always going to be a winner. But even if your child isn’t, I still think it was an excellent day out, as my 4 year old niece will attest to.

In addition to the steam and diesel trains that are always found at the railway, there was a stunning exhibition of lego models, called Bricks Britannia. Created by Bright Bricks, who recently featured in the Channel 4 documentary about Lego, it was a showcase of over 30 models including a fascinating one of the Flying Scotsman. Not only was the exhibition worth visiting but each of the children received a little lego train set consisting of a train, tender and carriage, to make whilst on the actual train. Very, very cute!




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