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I’ve had very little time to blog just lately and feel like I’ve totally lost my mojo. But as always I have a list (shocking I know) of things I keep thinking I must post about. So fingers crossed I have plenty of inspiration and some good posts will follow. For a start I’ve made a few cracking mid week dinners. You know the kind that are so quick that you think they will taste rubbish, but actually end up delicious. Like the ricotta dumplings. What I loved most was that they looked so impressive and I’d made the whole lot from scratch. Very self-satisfying. I’ve got a few more quick dinner recipes to put up and would love to hear your feedback if you try any of them.

We will be off on our English summer holiday before long too, so I’ll hopefully have plenty to say about our explorations. I’ve officially finished the day job for a few weeks and could merrily dance a jig! I’ll now have plenty of time to indulge in my family without the pressure and pace of normal life (in theory), and maybe even read a book or two (now I’m just pushing it!).

Our pace of life means that our holidays have never been so precious, but the format has changed considerably in the last five years. Long gone are the holidays of heavy drinking, late night clubs and all day relaxing by the pool. In its place are family friendly resorts with plenty of entertainment for the kids and minimal relaxation for the adults! Although we still sneak in a fizzy beer or two, there’s next to no partying. Unless you count the kids discos, which serve as a great excuse for me to throw around some of my clearly out of date “best moves”! Somewhat reluctantly, I am starting to feel like a real grown up. Sounds daft I know, but like me, most of my friends – despite the obviously adult appendages of spouse, children, careers and mortgages – still feel the same as they did in their early twenties. Well, in mind anyway. But of late, I’ve noticed that’s changing for me. I’m getting quite comfortable in my 35 year old persona and recognise that my interests and priorities have genuinely changed. Don’t get me wrong, there are still times when I crave the freedom and effervescence of my early twenties. But actually that’s not reality and would I really want to do all that stuff again now? Nope. The reality is my family come first, simply because they bring me the most joy. All of my focus is on them and all of my decisions are based around them, like it or not. And sometimes definitely not. The fact that I have to spend £30 on a bunch of birthday presents for kids that I barely know, rather than a new pair of summer sandals for myself, definitely grates! But overall I’ve never been so happy. Stressed, tired, poor and run ragged but very, very happy. So, I’ll stop wittering on and get back to that life then. And hopefully squeeze in a bit of time for some effervescent blog posts.

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  1. Claire S. May 31, 2015 at 18:22

    Have a wonderful holiday- you deffo deserve it! Look forward to reading the blogs about it. Xxx

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