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I don’t generally blog about beauty. Mostly because I feel so totally unqualified in this area. But actually, that’s the beauty of blogging. It requires zero qualification, just a point of view. Besides I’m no more qualified to talk about food, yet I’m always blathering on about that, so why not beauty I figure.

So, a bit of background on my beauty shopping. I’m not a slave to brands but I do like to take care of my skin. I thoroughly cleanse and moisturise twice daily. My husband calls it “The Routine”. To give you an idea of my spending level for beauty and skincare products, my preferences are generally L’oreal, Olay and Nivea. Within my price range, I find they offer the best value for money and quality of product. I also love a bargain and these brands regularly have offers. Inadvertently, I recently bought some night cream for an older age range from L’oreal. Doesn’t matter I thought, I’ll just use it up and make sure I check my next purchase properly. But actually it made my skin really greasy and the product itself felt heavy on application. When I went to buy an alternative, Superdrug (the shop I happened to chose that day) had an offer on the Olay Anti Wrinkle range. I had never tried it before but actually it is perfect for my age group. Preferred brand, bargain offer (half price at £5 in Superdrug) and suitability…ch-ching.

Incidentally one of my friends asked me a couple of weeks ago, what primer I use. My blank face and “huh?” response must have said it all. I’ve certainly never bought one and believe the only time I’ve ever used one was for my wedding make up. There I was thinking I was fairly sophisticated using a serum, hah! Anyway I was quite flattered she’d asked my opinion, even if I didn’t actually have one. My flashback to this conversation was triggered when I saw Olay had a 2 in 1 Primer in the Anti Wrinkle range. It promised hydration, so I figured I could use it instead of a day moisturiser. Application was light and it absorbed quickly into my skin, so I could apply makeup straight after. The light fragrance is pleasant and most importantly, I really feel the longevity of my makeup is improved when using the primer as a base. Which is the whole reason for using it after all. The first trial was an engagement party in a London pub garden on a sunny day. This proved a great endurance test what with the baking heat, the London pollution and general length of wear. I have to say I am really impressed with it. Usually mid-way through a night out, I feel like I at least need some powder and/or blush, but not with this primer. Infact after 8 hours I was almost sad to take my makeup off, as it still looked great (well as good as it gets for me!). I’d definitely recommend Olay Anti Wrinkle Primer. I don’t have a comparison but I’m impressed.

The beauty bin goes to Avon for their ultra colour lip tint pen. It promised so much, but delivered so little. I’m obviously a total advertising sucker because I really believed I’d get the colour on the model. I chose Coral and expected the stain to provide a good colour coverage. Maybe that’s naive of me because a stain probably wouldn’t give coverage, just a hint of colour. Still the promise of the advert couldn’t have been further from the actual result. Maybe my choice of colour was also a problem, as Coral can be more subtle than reds or berry shades. Although again not in the brochure picture. Other than the colour – or lack of it – my main issue with the tint pen was the applicator. It felt like a cheap felt-tipped pen. It’s rough and coarse tip means application is quite unpleasant. The tint itself is really watery, which results in it bleeding past the edge of the lip. This left a strange ring around my mouth. Even then the resulting colour was more like a deeper version of my own lip colour, than Coral. And it certainly didn’t last like I would expect a stain to. Actually I felt it might even dry my lips out. My sister has it in the Raspberry shade and said it was “ok”. Hardly a glowing endorsement! Sorry Avon, this one wasn’t for me.

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