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According to some clever statistician, I have only travelled 8% of the world. This horrifies me. I must do more. Immediately! Snap back to reality, my coffee, my desk and what strikes me as funny is that I’ve probably only travelled about 8% of the country I live in too. Which is much more feasible to work on. Along with a sneaky city break or two!

If you know me or choose to read my blog with any regularity (which I still can’t believe would be possible), you will soon find out that I am totally, utterly smitten with New York. Always one to book a sunshine beach holiday, I still struggle with the fact that I’d probably choose 4 days in New York over a week in the sun…just!

My husband and I have had some great holidays and between us – despite the stats – it feels like we are fairly well travelled. Nowadays however, our holidays have changed and for obvious reasons (a child) they are a lot more family orientated. If you are holidaying with children the reality is that if they are happy, you will have a good holiday. Wherever you are.

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