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Based on the fact I love food, it is fairly obvious that I enjoy eating out. My lists of places to go and restaurants to visit, literally grow daily. But I have a shocking memory –  hence the lists (of which there were 24 at last count) – so not only will my reviews serve as a tip for anyone who cares to read them, but they are also a self indulgent reminder of any wonderful experiences I am lucky enough to have. Plus I get a tick on one of those lists!

I have eaten in some incredible restaurants. However day-to-day, it is more likely I will review a quaint coffee shop or a local pub. But whether it is a burger van or a Michelin starred restaurant (I dream…), I won’t post a review for somewhere I haven’t liked. That is because often a poor experience is just one point of view. For example, I am obsessive about good service which I think is extremely hard to master. Really poor service would – without doubt – ruin my experience in a restaurant, no matter how good the food may be. But someone else may be happy to overlook that. What I will do is recommend and shout about anything I taste or anywhere I go, that is different, delightful or downright delicious.

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