Food + Me

I am not a chef or even a trained cook, but I love to eat. All sorts of things. Including things I shouldn’t, like a takeaway on a Friday night. I also appreciate fine foods, beautiful restaurants and meticulously prepared dishes of beauty. Then again, some of my most treasured memories are based on simplicity. The glug of a beautifully cold, crisp white wine being poured is – quite literally – music to my ears. Team this with a bowl of simply prepared pasta, fresh bread and a table full of family or friends, and I am a happy lady.

Friends and family often ask me for the recipe for food I have made for them and often those recipes are not my own. I don’t have the time or resources to experiment with the same dish fifteen times. So I use tried and tested recipes and then cut corners, cheat a bit and change stuff to work with what I have got. Cooking should be enjoyable and eating even more so. As I’ve told my husband, one of the big benefits of doing this blog is we are going to have to eat a whole lot more!

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